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3D-printed Plotclock writes the time on a tiny whiteboard every minute

Plotclock combines Arduino and 3D printing for a clock that writes and rewrites the time every minute.

By February 26, 2014


Bulletproof whiteboard designed for classroom defense

In response to the school shooting in Connecticut, a military armor manufacturer creates bulletproof whiteboards as a last line of defense for teachers and students.

By January 23, 2013


A sexy interactive whiteboard? The Penveu could be it

New device from a nearly 40-year-old tech company could disrupt a $1.8 billion business. But first, its maker must persuade schools and businesses to try something new.

By April 17, 2012


Metamoji's Share Anytime redefines real-time, free-form collaboration

The iOS app can support up to 100 authors working in real-time on the same document and up to 1,000 simultaneous viewers.

By October 14, 2013


Note Anytime gives electronic ink new life

The productivity app for creating, organizing, and storing information is No. 1 in Japan, demonstrating how the pen can be mightier than the keyboard.

By August 8, 2013


With 80-inch Aquos, Sharp bids adieu to old whiteboards

The new smart board lets users collaborate and share information between themselves. It is integrated with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office.

By January 9, 2012


HP plans electronic whiteboarding tool

The PC-to-PC conferencing solution will allow people to video conference and write on their screens, CEO Mark Hurd said at the Brainstorm: Tech conference on Friday.

By July 24, 2009


Whiteboards of the future

At Demo 2006 in Phoenix, we looked at Polyvision's Thunder Conferencing system, which offers eights screens and live video.

May 21, 2008


HP unveils Skyroom video collaboration tool

The $149 telepresence software, shown off at the start of Intel Developer Forum, allows video conferencing and desktop sharing.

By September 22, 2009


Mobile Viruses whiteboard

What are mobile viruses and how do they spread? Robert Vamosi explains in this ZDNet Whiteboard video.

January 4, 2008