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Oculus Rift DK2 dev kit offers VR for $350 (hands-on)

The newest development kit for Oculus Rift adds better positional tracking and display technology, and it's finally available to order.

By March 21, 2014


Three Rings officially launches 'Whirled'

Platform for Flash-based multiplayer casual games gives individual developers a way to make money with their creations.

By November 10, 2008


Give CNET UK's new site search a whirl

The months of number crunching are over and we're ready to reveal our brand-new site search to the world. Why don't you have a read to see what's new and give it a go?

By July 21, 2009


The 404 663: Where we learn to 'be like water' (podcast)

Scott Stein joins us on The 404 Podcast to chat about Reddit vs. Digg, Google Instant music videos, Playboy readings for the blind, and a review of the Facebook movie, "The Social Network"!

By September 10, 2010


Why Apple should stop chasing rainbows

That little Swirly Rainbow Circle Thingy on MacBooks is driving people crazy.

By August 27, 2008


Wall-E accused of Fascism. Um, I mean Fattism.

Pro-obesity groups are up in arms about the depiction of humanity as slobbish in the highly successful Pixar movie.

By July 12, 2008


Year in videos: Mobile phones

These videos capture a few of the big developments in mobile technology in 2006.

By December 28, 2006


CEOs tackle tech sweeps week

CNET News.com's Michael Kanellos discovers that, like TV broadcasters, tech companies tend to schedule their major announcements around the same time. From the seeming chaos, a few nuggets emerge.

By May 28, 2003


Internet whirled

Who needs hordes of screaming teens when you have the floor show at Internet World! A mad, excruciatingly loud, and gaudy scene of carnival barkers, snake oil salesmen, and swindlers biting the heads off chickens. There were Santas and walking lips, man-sized flies and improv body painters--everything but a swarm of mosquitoes and a pile of mastadon merde. Who knows what they were selling? Who cares?

October 8, 1999