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Why the Facebook whine-fest goes off the deep end

Here's one instance where Willie Sutton's dictum gets it wrong. Following the money leads you to ask the wrong questions.

By May 22, 2012


Teen whines about parents on Facebook, dad shoots laptop

A 15-year-old complains on Facebook about the domestic chores she has to do. She whines about her parents in general. So her Dad, who works in IT, takes her laptop outside and blasts it.

By February 10, 2012


Hey, AT&T, quit whining!

Instead of complaining about the FCC's decision to squash the T-Mobile merger and blaming the agency for raising prices, AT&T needs to shut up and move on.

By January 27, 2012


Stop whining, this *is* the iPhone 5

If you look past the fact that this is essentially the same glass-and-metal case and 960x640-pixel display, it's an almost entirely new device, at least as different as the iPad 2 was from the original iPad.

By October 4, 2011


Droid Bionic emits high-pitched whine, say owners

Customers complain that the Droid Bionic emits a high-pitched whine during audio playback when headphones are plugged into the headset jack.

By September 20, 2011


Wireless operators stop whining about ads

AT&T and Verizon Wireless have dismissed lawsuits against each other claiming their advertisements were misleading.

By December 2, 2009


Verizon to AT&T: Stop whining; start investing

Verizon Wireless says that AT&T is suing Verizon because it doesn't like the fact that its advertisements depicting AT&T's lack of 3G wireless coverage are true.

By November 17, 2009


MacBook Pro Special Report follow-up #5: Apple addressing issues with new revisions; 'Whine' noise petition

MacBook Pro Special Report follow-up #5: Apple addressing issues with new revisions; 'Whine' noise petition

By April 4, 2006


Opera, Microsoft, and competition: A plea for an end to the whining

Opera is whining for relevance. It will fail.

By December 15, 2007


Whine about wine with Snooth

Rate wine, get recommendations back with Snooth--a wine recommendation service.

By July 17, 2007