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Racing driver compares Gran Turismo 5 with real life in lap of Nurburgring

A pro racing driver has created a video of himself completing a lap of the Nurburgring in both Gran Turismo 5 and real life. Turns out the game is pretty realistic.

By December 7, 2010


The worst video games of 2009

This year wasn't without its disappointing gaming efforts. Each year we see hundreds of games, and this select few was bad enough to be declared year's worst.

By December 17, 2009


The 404 310: Where BOL wishes it was The 404

There's been a lot Buzz Out Loud and The 404 tension going on for the last couple of months, but today, it's all on! We're sick and tired of the "Bore Out Loud" stealing our women--*ahem* Natali Del Conte--and our joke show titles.

By March 31, 2009


The 404 309: Where Tom Avery still can't feel his big toes

World explorer Tom Avery joins the 404 today to talk about how he's conquered both the North and South Poles of our great planet Earth.

By March 30, 2009


The 404 308: Where Wilson is on nacation

With Wilson away on nacation, Jeff and Justin are left to fend for themselves, resulting in an entirely absurd episode of The 404. What else is new?

By March 27, 2009


Sony: PS3 is hard to develop for--on purpose

The Japanese electronics powerhouse is making it hard on developers to create games for the PlayStation 3, and believe it or not, the company is fine with that.

By February 28, 2009