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Microsoft's WGA: it's only human(s)

Microsoft's WGA meltdown was apparently caused by human error. Great. Now if we could just get rid of those people....

By August 29, 2007


Microsoft faces second WGA lawsuit

Plaintiffs in latest lawsuit say antipiracy Windows Genuine Advantage program acts as "spyware."

By July 5, 2006


Microsoft: Here's how to halt WGA alerts

Along with a new release of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications, Microsoft shares how to remove the controversial antipiracy tool.

By June 27, 2006


Microsoft set to push out updated antipiracy tool

New version of WGA Notifications tool includes added changes in response to continued criticism of Microsoft over the software.

By November 28, 2006


Putting privacy first at Microsoft

Chief privacy strategist Peter Cullen discusses Windows Vista, Microsoft's online endeavors and the WGA Notifications flap.

By June 28, 2006


Microsoft draws fire for stealth test program

Company has turned Windows users into guinea pigs by sending an unfinished antipiracy tool out as a "high priority" update. Images: WGA screenshots

By June 13, 2006