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UUNet tests Westell ADSL modem

UUNet is testing an ADSL network using a new modem from Westell.

June 14, 1996


Texas Instruments, Amati to merge

Amati Communications is swept off its feet by Texas Instruments in a multimillion-dollar merger deal that halts its pending acquisition by Westell Technologies.

November 19, 1997


High-speed modem merger

Westell Technologies announces plans to acquire Amati, boosting the emergence of fast-speed modem technology used over standard phone lines.

By October 1, 1997


Short Take: John Buck to offer high-speed Internet access

The John Buck Company, in association with American Information Systems and Westell Technologies, will provide high-speed ADSL Internet access to apartment and commercial properties under its management. ADSL technology transmits data over standard copper telephone lines at speeds up to 50 times faster than 28.8-kbps modems.

July 23, 1997