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Armchair astronauts fly weightless in California

Zero-G inks a deal with NASA in Silicon Valley so that the company can fly its commercial weightless flights on G-Force One from the space agency's Moffett Field.

By February 14, 2008


Fresh crew, billionaire clown reach space station

Wearing a red clown nose, the founder of Cirque du Soleil floats into the International Space Station, saying he had no problems adapting to weightlessness.

By October 2, 2009


Robo-doc to perform weightless surgery

Telerobotic surgery performed in zero-gravity environment holds promise for medicine in space and on the battlefield.

By September 22, 2007


Weightless flights, stellar delights

Stephen Hawking flies high in zero gravity. Plus: A SpaceX deal and images from the Hubble.

By April 27, 2007


Planet CNET: running low on oxygen

On this episode of Planet CNET, we experience weightlessness, dissect a thousand-dollar cell phone, and willingly wear spandex on camera.

By October 1, 2008