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Microsoft's latest stab at Apple: Macs are no good for weddings

If you're planning a wedding, says Microsoft in a new ad, the lack of a touch screen heralds impending disaster.

By Mar. 1, 2014


Facebook highlights weddings with new feature

As the social network debuts its redesigned Events page, it tops it off with another feature that displays friends' weddings and engagements alongside birthday announcements.

By Jul. 12, 2012


AutoWed: Romantic robo-weddings for geek love

Why drop thousands of dollars on a wedding ceremony when the robotic voice of Concept Shed's AutoWed will join you together in marriage for just one buck?

By Jun. 28, 2011


Connected Weddings does your seating chart for you

New Facebook app uses your social graph to make sure friends sit together.

By Jul. 23, 2008


Google's new Nexus 5 ad is -- oh, I'm weeping

The ethos of the new Nexus 5 is very simple: it's made to capture the moments that matter. At least that's what Google's new ad says.

By Oct. 31, 2013


Weird, wonderful Sony ad: More water music than you can handle

In order to tell you its image sensors are refined using pure water, Sony creates a piece where Pachelbel's Canon is played entirely by drops of water.

By Oct. 21, 2013


Facebook takes you back in time with 'On This Day'

The social network experiments with a News Feed option for viewing today in history, as captured by your friends.

By Jul. 31, 2013


Exchange rings. Say 'I do.' Settle in at Google I/O

Is there anything more romantic than spending your honeymoon at Google's developer conference?

By Jun. 27, 2012


Luxury aboard the Orient Express' British Pullman

Road Trip 2011: CNET gets a taste of the best that can be had on a train--the Venice-Simplon Orient Express' British Pullman, an 11-carriage exercise in luxury and good times.

By Jul. 9, 2011


Groom with a view? Larry Page wears Google Glass at wedding

It's what every well-groomed groomsman is wearing these days: the goggles that make everyone goggle. Yes, even in Croatia.

By Jul. 16, 2013