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EC opens Samsung patent investigation

European competition regulators have requested information from Samsung in a case involving Apple, its rival in multiple patent-infringement lawsuits.

By November 4, 2011


Apple: Samsung seeks 'excessive' price for patents

In a Netherlands courtroom today, Apple reportedly reveals that Samsung is seeking to charge Apple 2.4 percent of the price of each chip in their patent dispute.

By September 26, 2011


Dutch reporter won't be charged for transit card fraud

Brenno de Winter was identified as a suspect after telling the public about how Holland's new transit chip card system could be defrauded.

By September 9, 2011


Apple may have manipulated images in Samsung case

Apple allegedly tweaked an image of the Galaxy S smartphone to look more like the iPhone 4, and presented it as evidence that Samsung's phone looks too similar to its device.

By August 19, 2011


EU Galaxy Tab injunction suspended, claims of altered evidence

Samsung has been granted a minor reprieve in its Galaxy Tab 10.1 patent dispute with Apple in Europe, with the German court suspending a temporary injunction on European sales and promotion for all countries in the region, except for Germany itself.

By August 16, 2011


Apple seeks EU-wide ban on Samsung's Galaxy line

Filing in The Netherlands seeks a ban on importation and sales of Galaxy smartphones and tablets, as well as a stock recall within 14 days, according to a Dutch publication.

By August 18, 2011


Samsung Galaxy Tab ban lifted in Europe

A German court lifts the temporary injunction on the Galaxy Tab--which stemmed from an Apple patent lawsuit--in all EU countries except for Germany itself.

By August 16, 2011


Journalist faces charges over transit card flaw reports

Brenno de Winter says case is hindering his writing about smart-card security and other security news and restricting his travel.

By August 1, 2011


MySpace pulling out of the Netherlands?

Local rival Hyves is too dominant for the News Corp.-owned social network to make the impact that it hoped to, Dutch news outlets report.

By October 27, 2008


Microsoft business security ready for prime time

Forefront Client Security is due in coming weeks, says CEO Steve Ballmer.

By April 23, 2007