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Amazon is not Webvan 2.0

By June 15, 2006


Memories of Shaheen at Webvan

By April 13, 2005


The man behind the biggest dotcom failure ever: Where is he now?

Having founding the Borders bookshop chain in the 1970s, Louis Borders was behind the destructive dotcom hypernova WebVan. Is he still blowing billions on crazy ideas?

By November 12, 2009


Amazon supersizing its food delivery business?

The company is set to expand a Seattle-only grocery business to LA and SF, with a much broader rollout possible if the larger West Coast effort goes well, according to a report.

By June 4, 2013


Sequoia's Michael Moritz explains how technology is like fracking

Thirty years ago, technology was in niches and crevasses of the economy, and now it has seeped into every sector.

By July 22, 2013


Toys 'R' Us expands Web profile, launches video service

The toy retail chain will distribute video online, a move that comes a month after it announced the coming of a new kid-focused tablet. Toys "R" Us? Are we back in 1999?

By October 9, 2012


Peapod who? Online grocer shows Amazon, Walmart how it's done

While WalMart and Amazon are just starting to see how tricky the online grocery business can be, 20-year-old Peapod has already figured it out.

By November 2, 2013


Amazon gets Kiva robots via Zappos, Diapers buys

Kiva Systems' inventory robots are invading Amazon.com-owned warehouses via the e-commerce powerhouse's recent acquisitions.

By November 11, 2010


First Borders, then Best Buy. Now Amazon's gunning for Safeway

After five years of tinkering with a grocery delivery service in Seattle, Amazon is reportedly set to roll it out in California and elsewhere. Here's why the business, with its razor-thin margins, appeals to the company.

By June 9, 2013


AmazonFresh vs. supermarket: A hands-on shopping test

CNET's Sharon Vaknin has long hungered to shop for groceries online, and now that AmazonFresh has arrived in San Francisco, she finally can. But how does the experience stack up to a regular supermarket?

By December 17, 2013