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Palm Pre 2 makes smart phone splash with webOS 2.0

HP is crashing the smart phone party with a new operating system and a new handset, developing the booty it claimed from its acquisition of Palm.

By October 19, 2010


Palm WebOS 2.0 beta available to developers

Palm releases an early WebOS 2.0 SDK developers and Verizon Palm Pixi Plus owners get 3D gaming with WebOS 1.4.5. Get all the details here.

By August 31, 2010


HP launches first version of Open WebOS in beta

HP delivers the open-source version of WebOS in beta, with the hope of putting previous criticisms to rest.

By August 31, 2012


HP announces TouchPad, its 9.7-inch WebOS tablet

Hewlett-Packard announces a 9.7-inch WebOS tablet, the HP TouchPad.

By February 9, 2011


HP set for webOS tablets in February: Could the Slate drop Windows 7?

HP is set to announce one or more webOS tablets on 9 February. An HP boss has confirmed that a range of products will make an appearance at a launch event in San Francisco.

By January 14, 2011


HP smart phones with Palm's webOS arriving early next year

HP has confirmed that the first smart phones running webOS, the software it gobbled up by acquiring Palm, will make their debut at the beginning of next year.

By October 6, 2010


Palm opening WebOS SDK up to developers

We still don't know the price of the Pre, but Palm is ready to start letting developers get down and dirty with the software that will run on its comeback hope.

By April 1, 2009


Palm's WebOS app strategy needs more details

It's obviously very early in the public life of Palm's new WebOS and Pre smartphone, but developers want to know how the company will manage applications for the device.

By January 8, 2009


Web 2.0 Expo: Don't worry, be app-y

roundup Annual conference of Web innovators may be smaller this year, but it's still a place for big ideas, with a particular focus on mobile applications and solid business plans.

By April 1, 2009


Palm webOS: On your mark, get set, Palm!

Palm is letting (some vetted) developers loose on its webOS operating system -- the one that'll power the upcoming Pre handset. You have to to apply to get your hot little hands on the Mojo SDK

By April 2, 2009