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'Heroes' returns with new NBC miniseries in 2015

Save the cheerleader, save the world...again? Ordinary citizens with extraordinary powers return to NBC, as does "Heroes" creator Tim Kring, with a 13-episode miniseries "Heroes Reborn."

By February 23, 2014


Netflix's original content gets Emmy validation

"House of Cards" is nominated for best drama series, as are its stars for acting, in the first instance of programming that premiered on a digital platform surfacing in marquee Emmy categories.

By July 18, 2013


Essex, X Factor and Corrie come to Three phones

ITV programmes like The Only Way is Essex are coming to your Three phone.

By October 21, 2011


Global BBC iPlayer app arrives in Europe, puts archive Auntie in iPad

iPlayer is now available in Europe, via an iPad app stuffed full of classic BBC telly -- which differs from the iPlayer we know and love in a few crucial ways.

By July 28, 2011


ITV Player to charge for online telly before the end of the year

The only pay is Essex, according to ITV, which will test payments for its online services before the end of the year. In the meantime, ITV Player catch-up is available today on freesat.

By July 27, 2011


Crackle: Sony video portal gets UK launch, streams tide of utter cack

Crackle has arrived in the UK, stuffed full of utter dreck. Click here to see just how pony Sony's video-streaming portal really is

By June 9, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1195: Five years. You're welcome, tech world. (podcast)

It's our five-year anniversary today, and wow, is that a long time. We've been here longer than the iPhone (rumors of a Verizon phone announced in June), almost as long as it took the U.S. House to ask the FTC to investigate Google Buzz, and about how long it will take Verizon to actually deliver the Android 2.1 rollout to Droid users.

By March 30, 2010


Netflix and Roger Corman to haunt the Internet

Netflix and famed maker of horror films are teaming up on a series of Webisodes called "Splatter." The twist? Viewers get to decide the fate of characters.

By October 15, 2009


Universal, YouTube near deal on music video site

Vevo would be the name of a new Web site jointly run by Universal Music Group and YouTube, according to sources.

By March 4, 2009


The 404 287: Where our mouths are agape with a mixture of pleasure, longing, and duck meat

Jeff, Justin and Wilson start the show off right today with a SNL Christopher Walken reference. Always a great way to start the day. Getting into actual stories, we chat about ways to actually sleep. Tip #1: Sleep when you are tired.

By February 26, 2009