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Webinar: Integrating SaaS Applications In the Cloud and Behind the Corporate Firewall

Join me on a webinar to hear all about integrating the Cloud with the Enterprise

By July 1, 2008


Black Hat launches Webinar series

First broadcast previewed five presentations to be made in full in August with future Webinars perhaps once a month.

By June 26, 2008


Open-source Software and the US Department of Defense: Webinar worth attending

Still confused as to what open source means? Listen in.

By January 28, 2008


Deploying Zimbra in the university: A how-to webinar

Why would a university drop a proprietary messaging system to go with open-source Zimbra? Find out.

By November 6, 2007


Free open source legal training webinar - sign up here

Announcing a free open-source legal training seminar.

By August 21, 2007


Large-scale "webinars" made easy with GoToWebinar

Large-scale "webinars" made easy with GoToWebinar

By October 18, 2006


Free Linux training to help you get a job

The Linux Foundation is offering up the best technical talent to help you learn Linux and get a better job. Check out the free Webinar series on the horizon.

By January 26, 2010


Kaminsky (finally) provides DNS flaw details

In a Webinar on Thursday, researcher discloses specifics about his DNS cache poisoning flaw, and cites statistics on the number of systems that are patched.

By July 24, 2008


Geeks get a word in with Merriam-Webster

Geek culture once again shows its influence over the mainstream lexicon with the latest version of Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. New entries include fanboy, netroots, and webinar.

By July 7, 2008