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Disturbing video of snow-stomping Yeti surfaces online

Calling all cryptozoologists. We have a fresh Yeti video showing a bizarre ape-like beast at a ski resort, and it's about as amusing (and scary) as you'd expect.

By February 8, 2016


Forget the Broncos. Beyonce, Budweiser and Marshawn Lynch really won the Super Bowl

Sure, there was a football game, but tweets and other social media posts show most people focused on everything but the plays.

By February 8, 2016


Injured football player may wear 3D-printed brace in Super Bowl

Carolina Panthers All-Pro linebacker Thomas Davis could suit up with a custom-printed arm brace to protect a nasty fracture during the biggest game of his life.

By February 4, 2016


How to control your smart lights with Android Wear

It's not always convenient to reach for your phone to turn off the lights. Use your Android Wear watch to control your lights from your wrist instead.

By January 28, 2016


Why I still don't want to wear smartglasses

Commentary: There might be a lot of new takes on smart things to wear on your face...but if they aren't amazing like VR or at least good-looking to wear, I'm out.

By January 25, 2016


Huawei Honor Band Z1 an $80 smartwatch that skips Android Wear

It's not bad looking, doesn't cost much, and syncs with iOS and Android. Yet another smartwatch at CES!

By January 6, 2016


Wear your tech: Fashion and jewellery at CES 2016 (pictures)

This year CES has opened its doors to high-end 3D-printed jewellery (without the plastic), fashion that blurs the lines between tech and art, and wearables that are actually, well, wearable in everyday life.

16 Images By January 7, 2016


Misfit Ray is fitness jewelry you can wear on wrist or neck

It looks like a metal tube, and can attach to chains or bands or be worn as a pendant. Take a close-up look at Misfit's new design spin.

By January 5, 2016


Club doorman wears GoPro, shows us what we're really like

Technically Incorrect: On New Year's Eve 2014, a Canadian doorman decided to record what revelry really looks like in a sane person's eyes. Now he's put it on YouTube.

By January 4, 2016


Imagine Google's VR gadget without the cardboard. Google does

A new smartphone-based headset reportedly will feature improved sensors and lenses housed in a solid plastic casing.

By February 7, 2016