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A new weapon against 'cell yell'

Ever want to growl "shhhhhh!" to someone who's talking way too loudly on a cell phone? Rather than cause a scene, why not express your sentiments in a card? [Missing Links]

By December 9, 2004


Global contradictions in India?

Indian companies are staunch defenders of free trade, but the country is reluctant to accept international aid in the wake of the deadly tsunami.

By January 7, 2005


Internet threats a bleak picture of human future

Biological and genetic weapons should take cue from online viruses and worms, British doctors say.

By November 3, 2004


Halo 2 Midnight Launch

Halo 2 blasted onto the Australian game scene last night with two huge launches in Sydney and Melbourne.

By November 8, 2004


U.S. boosts homeland security budget in 2005

President Bush signs the 2005 budget for funding the Department of Homeland Security, allocating some $40.7 billion to that agency, an increase of 6.6 percent over 2004.

By October 22, 2004


Another October surprise?

Twenty years ago, a popular conspiracy theory held that Ronald Reagan's campaign team had...

By August 4, 2004


IntelliMouse and problems with games: a follow-up

IntelliMouse and problems with games: a follow-up

By December 13, 1999