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JBL LSR305: Resetting sound expectations for desktop speakers

JBL's nifty powered speakers' innovative tech puts it ahead of the pack, making the LSR305 a force to be reckoned with.

By Dec. 15, 2013


The Audiophiliac's speaker of the year: The KEF LS50

The British have a knack for making exceptional-sounding small monitor speakers; the KEF LS50 is the latest example of the breed.

By Dec. 29, 2012


Dazzle your ears with KEF's X300A powered speakers

Straight out of England, these small, self-powered speakers serve up big doses of high-end sound.

By Mar. 31, 2013


Are the Energy Take Classic and Monoprice 9774 the same?

We take them apart and measure frequency response to find out.

By Apr. 10, 2013


Definitive Technology's new monitor speaker rocks the house

Def Tech's StudioMonitor 55 not only has the bass response of a much larger speaker, it's a great-sounding speaker, period.

By Jul. 29, 2012


Griffin AirCurve and Clarifi: Boosting iPod touch speaker, optical zoom for iPhone

Griffin has just unveiled a nifty device that makes the speaker inside the new iPod touch sound less terrible and a case that adds an optical zoom to the iPhone 3G

By Sep. 18, 2008


Griffin adds more sight, sound to iPhone 3G

New cool accessories from Griffin for the iPhone 3G.

By Sep. 17, 2008


Finally, a great-sounding table radio

The Cue Radio Model r1 Outlaw Audio Signature Edition looks slick, sounds great, and has a built-in iPod/iPhone dock.

By Jul. 9, 2010


Thiel's first sub-$1000 box speaker

High-end speaker manufacturer Thiel has announced its most affordable box speaker, the SCS4 LCR bookshelf, which sells for under $1000.

By Jan. 9, 2007


Moore's Law: The rule that really matters in tech

In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore foresaw an inexorable rise in chip power that eventually delivered the computer to your pocket. While long in the tooth, Moore's prediction still has plenty of life in it. Here's why.

By Oct. 15, 2012