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Jimmie Johnson's Famous Crash at Watkins Glen

Don't blink - you might miss it! Vintage footage of current NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson during his pre-Sprint Cup days in one of the most vicious crashes in auto racing history.

By July 30, 2009


Ex-Seagate CEO Watkins back with chip start-up

Bill Watkins turns up on the board of a start-up developing a way to pack more high-density chips into devices.

By May 1, 2009


Seagate replaces Watkins as CEO

Chairman Stephen Luczo, who served as chief executive of the hard-drive maker once before, takes over the reins at Seagate.

By January 12, 2009


Extreme unboxing: tearing down the Alienware 18

We strip down one of Alienware's top-of-the-line gaming laptops to see what makes this dual-GPU monster tick.

By October 1, 2013


After steering check, Mars rover set for initial test drive

Curiosity is poised for its first test drive, a short 10-foot-move and turning reverse maneuver to test its ability to roam across Gale Crater.

By August 21, 2012


The lights over your head are about to get smart

Bridgelux is building a new kind of lighting that turns your ceiling into a network of smart devices. CEO Bill Watkins has bet his first-class seat on it.

By October 19, 2012


AT&T announces another 10 LTE markets

With recent expansion, the carrier can check off 346 markets with its faster 4G.

By July 31, 2013


Comedic Steve Jobs film to debut online next month

Adding to the pair of theatrical movies about the late Apple co-founder, Funny or Die has its own Jobs biopic coming soon.

By March 18, 2013


Ex-Seagate CEO to head LED maker Bridgelux

Bill Watkins makes the leap from disk drives to LEDs at start-up Bridgelux, where he plans to attack the general lighting market with low-cost manufacturing.

By January 12, 2010


Curious about Curiosity? Here's the latest from Mars

NASA's newest rover has been checking out the sights on the Red Planet -- and they are indeed sights to behold.

By September 8, 2012