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Best tablets of 2014

CNET editors round up their favorite tablets, including products from Apple, Samsung, and Google.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

Armed with a powerful processor and Amazon's exhaustive content library, the Kindle Fire HDX delivers incredible value for its price, especially for Amazon Prime members.

October 1, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating October 1, 2013

Watermark your photos before sharing online with Marksta

For iPhone photographers looking to protect the photos they put online, Marksta makes it easy to add a (not-goofy-looking) watermark before uploading.

By January 10, 2013


Add watermarks and make other bulk edits with PhotoBulk

PhotoBulk is a simple photo editor for Macs that lets you make three easy bulk edits to photos.

By November 28, 2012


Watermarks tap old trick for mobile media

The article initially misstated Tony Rodriguez's title. He is chief technology officer.

By March 1, 2011


Watermarks tap old trick for mobile media

Digital watermarking from Digimarc is giving smartphone users the ability to interact with newspapers, magazines, audio, and video.

By March 1, 2011


Aperture How-To: Add a watermark to your photographs

A quick and simple tutorial for adding watermarks to your photographs using Aperture.

By November 19, 2009


Your iris as photo watermark

Canon apparently sees an opportunity to automate the watermarking process on the camera--making use of biometric data courtesy of the photographer's iris.

By February 13, 2008


Study: Digital watermarking market growing

Sales for technology for inserting digital watermarks and fingerprints into media files will quadruple by 2012, a new study finds.

By January 23, 2008


PicMarker watermarks, keeps your photos safe from evildoers

Keep ditial photos safe(er) online with PicMarker, a free watermarking service.

By January 7, 2008


Watermarking to replace DRM?

Technology could eventually take the place of DRM, which is both ineffective and alienating to consumers.

By August 16, 2007