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Tetris coming to a T-shirt and waterbed near you

After 25 years, Tetris is licensing out its brand to merchandisers.

By June 9, 2010


Musical waterbed: Perfect for '70s disco

It supposedly relies on soundwaves sent through the water.

By April 2, 2008


Introducing the multimedia waterbed

At $13,577, it's worth every penny..

By January 23, 2008


ReelSonar Bluetooth bobber finds fish, maybe sea monsters

A Bluetooth-enabled smart bobber could turn a quiet day of fishing into a quiet day of fishing with a smartphone.

By January 15, 2013


The canopy bed of the future

Designer Karim Rashid creates an ultra-modern multimedia bed.

By January 31, 2008


Get comfy in Alberto Frias' $16,000 iPod bed!

The ultimate iPod accessory, Alberto Frias' $16,000 iPod bed!

By January 23, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 1190: Steve Jobs vs. Predator (podcast)

Announcing our very first not-even-remotely sanctioned by the legal department video creation contest: make us an awesome video in which Steve Jobs and the Predator work out who has prior art on swipe-to-unlock. We will reward the awesomest video with a Buzz Out Loud ceramic travel mug. Oh, and Google turns off its filters in China ... briefly.

By March 23, 2010


2010 Acura MDX

With bumped-up luxury appointments in the cabin, an advanced cabin tech suite, and unexpectedly good handling, the 2010 Acura MDX provides driving satisfaction for leisurely cruises and mountain romps.

March 15, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating March 15, 2010

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