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Friday Flash: One Duck

This week's web-based time-waster takes care of all your throwing-around-a-rubber-duckie needs.

By March 20, 2014


2012 The End Escape

2012 The End Escape is an excellent time waster with plenty to keep you involved as you escape the alien apocalypse. If you can ignore the terrible sound effects and don't mind doing several runs, this game can be a lot of fun with plenty of vehicles to unlock and cool things to discover.

By October 17, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating October 17, 2012

Temple Run on Android now, leaping over from iOS

Temple Run, the popular time-waster that was a big hit on iOS, has finally arrived on Android.

By March 27, 2012


Waterpebble gets water-wasters out of the shower

Water-saving device uses the length of your first shower as a benchmark, indicating via a series of gently flashing "traffic lights" when you need to get out of the shower already!

By March 10, 2010


Friday time-waster: The GTI Project

VW has created a slot car simulation that puts you behind the wheel of the new GTI.

By May 1, 2009


Extreme office time-wasters

What are you really working on when you're at work?

10 Images By June 11, 2008


Time waster: Cloth made by robots

Mmm, robotic cloth.

By February 11, 2008


Microsoft's greatest marketing site/time waster since minesweeper

The Halo 3 marketing machine is in full effect, and as a side effect we've got a cool site like this.

By September 15, 2007


JibJab's 'Starring You!' is the greatest office time-waster in history

Put in funny photos of your boss!

By August 9, 2007


Line Rider: The next big Internet thing?

Part game; part pointless time waster; all addictive. Behold Line Rider, the newest fad sweeping the Interweb

By November 6, 2006