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Gaming preview: 'Warhawk'

'Warhawk' is a 32-player multiplayer-only game that combines air, ground, and tank battle situations--online or offline. 'Warhawk' is currently available and is exclusive to the Playstation 3.

May 21, 2008


E3 2007: Warhawk


By July 14, 2007


Game trailer: Starhawk

Due in 2012, Starhawk is a PS3-exclusive third-person sci-fi shooter from the creators of Warhawk.

June 9, 2011


Man charged with alleged child porn via PS3

He allegedly persuaded an 11-year-old girl to send nude photos while they played games via the PlayStation 3's online network.

By March 14, 2009


A bonanza of AT&T smartphone rumors

Leaked AT&T slides possibly show off the carrier's upcoming smartphones, including the HTC Touch Pro2, a new slider Nokia handset, and more Android devices.

By May 26, 2009


First batch of PS3 'Greatest Hits' now available

A group of select PS3 titles are now available as "Greatest Hits" at a reduced price.

By July 29, 2008


E3 2007: What's on deck for the PS3?

The PS3 is now $100 cheaper--but does Sony have even more surprises in store for this week's E3 show?

By July 10, 2007


Wal-Mart has Black Friday-style deals on Nov. 8, including a $298 laptop

Mega-retailer Wal-Mart is offering a selection of one-day in-store specials, a few of which caught our eye, including a sub-$300 laptop.

By November 7, 2008


Sony shows off its PlayStation 3 prospects

Sony shows off its PlayStation 3 prospects

By May 11, 2006


More details on the Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller

GameSpot reveals additional details on the newly announced rumble-enabled PS3 controller, and gets some hands-on time with it as well.

By September 24, 2007