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Find your favorite spots on this detailed map of the Internet

Whether you'd prefer to sail the Gulf of Google or undertake an expedition to the Land of Forgotten Websites, this cartographic creation will draw you in.

By February 9, 2014


Where did Flashback start? Blame the blogosphere

Keeping hosted blog software up-to-date helps keep everyone secure.

By April 23, 2012


Dubious Android apps may not be malware--just ads

Verizon-affiliated ICSA Labs steps into the controversy over Android apps that Symantec identified as malware.

By February 1, 2012


Dog Wars app for Android is Trojanized

Symantec finds malware lurking in a modified version of an early "Dog Wars" Android app. PETA says the hack is "ingenious," though it doesn't know who did it.

By August 16, 2011


New variant of the "HellRaiser" low-risk Trojan surfaces

Though not a grave security risk for Mac users, a new Trojan horse called "OSX/HellRTS.D" has been identified by Intego (developers of VirusBarrier X). The new trojan is a variant of a backdoor server called "HellRaiser," which was developed to allow full control of an infected PC by a remote attacker.

By April 27, 2010


Security tips for avoiding Trojans and malicious software

Because of the enhanced security features of OS X, such as "sandboxing" techniques for running code, the development of self-propagating "viruses" is difficult and to date we have not seen any for Mac OS X; however, malicious software developers have r

By August 12, 2009


Twitter's network gets breached again

For the second time this year, someone has broken into Twitter's internal admin system and accessed accounts.

By May 1, 2009


'Dark Knight' on its way to becoming 2008's most pirated movie

The Dark Knight is on its way to having the dubious honor of being the most-pirated movie of 2008, which means we may soon get what we pay for.

By November 21, 2008


P2P Part 3

When it comes to peer-to-peer traffic, forget what you want, and think about reality.

By November 23, 2007


Crave Talk: Godless software hasn't a prayer

How much hassle will it take to shake your faith in the Almighty Bill? Crave's Rupert Goodwins was so deeply scarred by his anti-virus experiences he became an Ubuntu Linux atheist

By August 7, 2006