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Sensor setup stalks wandering house cats for study

Your humble house cat may be more ambitious than you realize, according to a study that used radio telemetry and movement sensors to track feral and pet cats to see how far they roam.

By May 27, 2011


Real-time tracking of those who wander

Medical Mobile Monitoring develops a medical-alert tracking system that lets users track someone via GPS satellite online, but its funny-looking pendant misses the mark.

By December 29, 2009


RCA Small Wonder wandering to Europe

The range of RCA Small Wonder camcorders includes standard and high definition, and bits flipping and sliding out all over the shop. We could see them this side of the pond soon

8 Images January 14, 2009


Robotic giraffe wanders Maker Faire

The Rave 'Raffe, a Burning Man concoction whose popularity has brought it to various tech events, made quite a splash at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif., on April 23. CNET News.com's Daniel Terdiman interviews the robot's builder and friend, Lindsay Lawlor, on the floor.

November 1, 2007


Yahoo buys maker of 'Days' app to bolster mobile team

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based tech giant has acquired startup Wander -- the latest in a long line of acquisitions.

By February 11, 2014


Verizon's brilliant ad to get more women into tech

Featuring one incredible, painful statistic, Verizon shows how the things girls hear when they're young puts them off a career in tech.

By June 25, 2014


Analog vs. digital music: What's better, and who cares?

The Audiophiliac says forget the tech and enjoy music wherever you can.

By June 25, 2014


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 demos 300Mbps downloads at MWC

Two technical demos at Mobile World Congress promise a future of faster download speeds for one and all.

By February 26, 2014


Apple envisions new ways to use 'bump' tech

A patent application describes several ways to share data between wireless devices with a tap -- and Apple isn't just thinking about phones.

By July 17, 2014