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Crave giveaway: Garmin GPS unit with Wallace & Gromit voice skin

This week's freebie, a Garmin GPS unit featuring turn-by-turn directions delivered by the charming Wallace and Gromit, will guarantee you a grand day out.

By November 18, 2011


Wallace's Wrong Trousers scientifically feasible

The gravity-defying Techno Trousers of "Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers" could actually work -- albeit for only a short period of time.

By July 17, 2014


Wallace and Gromit creator launches kids' virtual world

Aardman Animations, the creators of the British animated duo, launch a virtual world for kids called WebbliWorld.

By July 25, 2007


"Wallace & Gromit" got game

Game software publisher Bam Entertainment announced Thursday a five-year partnership with the creators of the animation hits "Wallace & Gromit" and "Chicken Run." Animation studio Aardman will work with Bam to create video games based on "Wallace & Gromit" and on new characters, according to the companies. "We strongly believe that Aardman's intimate knowledge of its characters and its superior storytelling skills...will result in a range of excellent video games," Anthony Williams, vice chairman of Bam, said in a statement.

By January 24, 2002


Wallace and Gromit hit the Web

Nick Park, creator of the feature film "Chicken Run," is reviving his original characters in 12 short films to be released online later this year.

By January 17, 2002