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Wal-Mart fires Kindle, kicks it out of its store

A vast majority of Kindle sales, however, still come from the Amazon Web site.

By September 20, 2012


Dozens line up for new iPad at Wal-Mart stores

Eager shoppers at the retail giant get an eight-hour jump on shoppers at Apple stores.

By March 16, 2012


Wal-Mart: iPhone 4S price remains the same

It had looked like some stores were offering a healthy discount on Apple's flagship phone, but Wal-Mart now says there was "a pricing error in limited stores."

By May 4, 2012


Wal-Mart to close its MP3 store

Once the largest music seller in the U.S., the retail giant plans to close its download store at the end of the month.

By August 9, 2011


Wal-Mart boosts on-store solar with thin-film tech

Retail giant expands its solar program with panels from First Solar and MiaSole, giving a boost to thin-film technology at businesses. SolarCity will install, finance, and own the panels.

By September 20, 2010


Wal-Mart to sell Verizon iPhone starting tomorrow

Retailer, which will offer the Verizon iPhone in 600 of its stores, joins Best Buy as another place to buy the highly anticipated device.

By February 9, 2011


Wal-Mart to start selling iPad on Friday

The big box retailer joins Target and others in selling Apple's iPad, with plans to have the tablet in over 2,300 stores by the start of the holiday shopping season.

By October 12, 2010


Wal-Mart expands prepaid phone service to AT&T

Customers looking for lower monthly rates from a prepaid cell phone will soon be able to find some on the AT&T network in Wal-Mart stores.

By July 27, 2010


iPhone 4 at Wal-Mart on June 24

Latest iPhone won't be confined to Apple and AT&T stores on launch day. Wal-Mart joins Radio Shack and, reportedly, Best Buy, as alternative places to pick up the smartphone.

By June 11, 2010


Sprint and Wal-Mart offer cheap prepaid plan

Sprint has introduced a new cheap prepaid wireless plan called Common Cents that will be sold through Wal-Mart retail stores.

By May 13, 2010