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Vyatta beats out Cisco with a free download

Open source offers a more efficient way to acquire customers, and gives customers a way to derisk their IT investments, as Vyatta demonstrates in New Mexico.

By February 19, 2009


Vyatta: Beating Cisco with open networks

Cisco may well be paving the way for an open-source competitor by making CIOs comfortable with open source.

By January 2, 2009


The yin and yang of system specialization

Storage and networking devices increasingly leverage and repurpose server technology. But the trend towards generalization is more complicated than that.

By January 12, 2010


Telecoms are missing their cloud opportunity

If you talk to your favorite telecommunications company, you find them concentrating on how they will compete in cloud infrastructure, platform and software services.

By August 16, 2009


The Open Source CEO: Kelly Herrell, Vyatta (Part 7)

In this seventh installment of the Open Source CEO Series, I talk with Kelly Herrell, CEO of Vyatta.

By June 21, 2007


Microsoft's hand forced on open-source driver release

A licensing issue with its proprietary Linux drives appears to have helped lead to Microsoft's contribution of GPL code to Linux.

By July 23, 2009


Magento's open-source e-commerce platform makes progress--Q&A

Roy Rubin, CEO of open-source e-commerce leader Magento, says the company expects to reach 1 million downloads by month's end.

By June 24, 2009


Whither open source in the land of leeches?

Do open-source leeches help or hurt themselves by strip-mining open source?

By December 10, 2008


Juniper and Cisco go open! (Well, not really)

Juniper and Cisco are honing their skills at open press releases. But that's about it.

By December 14, 2007


The Open Source CEO: Boris Kraft, Magnolia (Part 6)

The sixth installment in the Open Source CEO Series, this time with Boris Kraft of Magnolia.

By June 20, 2007