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Two gadgets enter the ring, but only one can leave the champion! Each week Brian Tong pits two compe


iPhone now supported by Check Point VPN-1

With Check Point VPN software tool, existing gateway users can now securely access an enterprise via the iPhone.

By April 29, 2008


Comcast ISP problems - Part 1, a ruined VPN

A new install of Comcast cable, wipes out a VPN

By April 18, 2008


Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station 802.11n firmware 7.1 (#2): Double NAT errors; VPN issues largely resolved

Workarounds for Double NAT errors and other issues occuring after the latest AirPort Extreme Base Station 802.11n firmware update.

By April 11, 2007


Utilities Updates: VPN Tracker 2.0.3; XMonitor 1.9; iChatter 1.0; DoubleCommand 1.4.2; more

Utilities Updates: VPN Tracker 2.0.3; XMonitor 1.9; iChatter 1.0; DoubleCommand 1.4.2; more

By June 4, 2003


Utilities Updates: Shellsilver�1.3; VPN Tracker�2.2.2; Another Launcher�2.1; more

Utilities Updates: Shellsilver 1.3; VPN Tracker 2.2.2; Another Launcher 2.1; more

By September 29, 2003


Utilities Updates: Jaguar Cache Cleaner�1.8.5; Edit Original�6.0; VPN Tracker�2.1.0; more

Utilities Updates: Jaguar Cache Cleaner 1.8.5; Edit Original 6.0; VPN Tracker 2.1.0; more

By August 5, 2003


Quickflix CEO tells Netflix to bring it on

Stephen Langford, CEO of Australian streaming service Quickflix, confirms "business as usual" after shares change hands, while he is eager to battle Netflix face-to-face in Australia.

By July 21, 2014


Heartbleed attack used to skip past multifactor authentication

In one of the earliest instances of a Heartbleed attack breaking through a private corporate network, security firm Mandiant reports that a client's virtual private network session was successfully hacked.

By April 18, 2014


Myris scans your eye to unlock your password vault

A new gadget soon to be hitting the consumer market means you won't even need to remember a single password. All you have to do is scan your eye.

By January 20, 2014


China reinforces its 'Great Firewall' to prevent encryption

It may be a real problem for Chinese citizens and Westerners, but that hasn't stopped the Chinese government from using new technology to plug holes in the "Great Firewall of China."

By December 17, 2012