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Horror flick 'Open Windows': Voyeurism gone wrong, so wrong

Careful where you click! "Open Windows" writer-director Nacho Vigalondo chats with Crave about his new film, which takes place entirely on a computer desktop and tackles privacy in the Digital Age.

By November 7, 2014


Not recycling is more immoral than watching porn, say teens in study

Technically Incorrect: A pornography study by a faith-focused group says porn is increasingly becoming accepted in society, as it's safer than actual sex.

By January 27, 2016


Invisible Mercedes-Benz powered by fuel cells, Canon 5D, LEDs

We've all been through days when being invisible would have been an asset. Sometimes, this desire is born out of frustration, and other times, it could be voyeurism.

By March 6, 2012


Omax wide-angle lens ad supports voyeurism

A series of advertisements offer a humorous take on gender stereotyping while offering an alternative use for wide-angle optics.

By August 11, 2009


Woz: I'm treating judges like peep show voyeurs

In Monday's installment of "Dancing with the Stars," the Apple co-founder plans to attempt the Argentine tango, attempting to be sexy. Is the world ready?

By March 29, 2009


Backpack for voyeurs

It isn't just a static eye--it's quite capable of streaming (in some cases, possibly damning) images to a Web site.

By May 16, 2008


Open sourcing voyeurism and the new idiocy

Camfess is a new site. It's not worth looking at. But you probably will, anyway.

By August 2, 2007


Voyeurs 'R Us: What parents need to know about Stickam

The New York Times reports that the live video chat Web site Stickam.com has corporate ties with a pornography producer. As this story begins to unfold, Stickam's practices alone raise serious child abuse concerns.

By July 11, 2007


Police blotter: Wireless voyeur appeals 56-year term

Man who placed a 2.4GHz wireless camera in stepdaughter's bedroom tries to get his sentence reduced.

By February 14, 2007


House takes on piracy, 'video voyeurism'

House of Representatives approves legislation aimed at curbing software piracy and stopping "video voyeurism."

By September 21, 2004