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Lookout grabs $11 million in funding, adds execs

The smartphone security start-up picks up another round of funding, this time from Accel Partners, along with new members for its leadership.

By May 18, 2010


High noon for Vontu?

Market for data loss prevention is increasingly becoming consolidated, but industry leader Vontu could become the odd man out.

By October 29, 2007


Web-based Lookout protects mobile devices, data

Lookout offers data security, backup, and management over the Web and a way to locate and protect missing or stolen devices.

By December 24, 2009


A summer of industry consolidation

So much for business slowing down in the summer. Brocade, McAfee, and others are forking over cash in an effort to scale up.

By August 4, 2008


ERM: The forgotten data security space

The DLP guys found a goldmine while ERM companies faded away, but there are a few ironies in this victory.

By July 16, 2008


Data Loss Prevention needs a new name--and acronym

Data Loss Prevention, or DLP, was appropriate circa 2005, but not in 2008. So if DLP doesn't fit anymore, what does?

By June 19, 2008


Two old-time tech companies ripe for picking?

In 2008, you might just see a couple of deals that break the traditional pattern of mergers and acquisitions, says Jon Oltsik.

By January 17, 2008


If you thought 'Security '07' was hairy, just wait

Jon Oltsik says 2008 will bring a new cluster of headlines about information security and the workplace.

By January 3, 2008


Year in review: Botnet gains, Web 2.0 pains

As the Storm worm raged, tapping countless PCs for nefarious ends, the rush to online applications left many Web sites vulnerable.

December 31, 2007


Symantec becomes instant leader in data loss prevention

It was a pretty sure bet that Symantec would buy a DLP company, but why Vontu?

By November 7, 2007