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Voicemail+ (iOS)

The brand new Voicemail+ app, launching for the iPhone in the UK today and in the US later this year brings text transcription, e-mailed voicemail receipts, push notifications, and it matches your messages to your contacts.

By Jan. 28, 2014

Pricing not available


Orange charges £1 for iPhone visual voicemail, free on EE

Visual voicemail is now available on Orange, but it's only free if you pay more than £35 per month. Otherwise this ancient feature will set you back a quid.

By Oct. 7, 2013


iPhone on 4G EE gets visual voicemail, Orange due in 'weeks'

The five-year-old feature, which lists your voicemails in easy-to-digest form, was previously only available on O2.

By Jan. 28, 2013


Retrieve iPhone MMS and Visual Voicemail with PhoneView

Ecamm Network has released a new version of PhoneView that supports MMS messaging and Visual Voicemail.

By Nov. 5, 2009


Odds & Ends: CopyPaste; NetZero; Modems and voicemail

Odds & Ends: CopyPaste; NetZero; Modems and voicemail

By Oct. 28, 1999


T-Mobile releases Visual Voicemail for Android

Visual voice mail is the latest in a series of apps by T-Mobile for Android phones.

By Aug. 3, 2009


Voicemail for the family, on the fridge

'Message Magnet' replaces the Post-It

By Apr. 19, 2007


GotVoice improves voicemail, again

Sick of standard-issue voicemail? GotVoice does a better job.

By Mar. 18, 2007


iPhone Does Not Ring, Calls Go Straight to Voicemail

Several users have experienced an issue in which the iPhone 3G does not ring and calls are, instead, routed straight to voicemail.

By Dec. 12, 2008