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PS4 to get voice recognition, job ad suggests

Sony is looking for a speech recognition expert to work in its PlayStation division, prompting rumours of a voice-controlled PS4.

By May. 18, 2013


PlayStation 4 said to come with Kinect-like voice recognition

Using the PlayStation "Eye" Camera, the upcoming game console is said to have facial recognition technology and be able to follow navigational voice commands.

By Sep. 2, 2013


Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

The voice control options are extremely basic, and the price increase just doesn't match the value added. Save some cash and get the $249 model or a Nest.

By Dec. 4, 2013

3.5 stars Editor's rating Dec. 4, 2013

Google Chrome 25 adds voice recognition support

The latest version of the browser lets developers outfit their Web-based apps with voice recognition.

By Feb. 22, 2013


Voice recognition will make touch obsolete, Intel exec says

Intel Senior Vice President Mooly Eden tells CNET that other forms of "perceptual computing" will change computing as we know it. And they may not be as far away as they seem.

By Jan. 8, 2013


Apple introduces voice recognition app

Apple's Scott Forstall shows off Siri, the company's new voice recognition-enabled personal assistant for the iPhone 4S. The new software will allow you to ask for help and will respond back to you in human-like language.

Oct. 4, 2011


Should Siri be jealous of voice recognition competitors?

While Siri isn't the first voice-command service, it certainly is the most popular. A lot of rivals, however, have raised their games at CES.

By Jan. 13, 2012


Spansion, Nuance announce Acoustic Coprocessor for automotive voice recognition

The Spansion Acoustic Coprocessor promises to make voice recognition technology in cars both faster and more accurate.

By Jun. 19, 2012


Siri-like voice recognition coming to cars

Nuance says that genielike voice commands are coming to vehicles next year.

By Nov. 9, 2011


Ford, Nuance: Voice recognition will identify intent

The Sync system could ultimately interpret what drivers are looking to do by understanding the meaning of words and phrases they say and then coaching them to correctly complete tasks.

By Jun. 22, 2011