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If it talks like a duck, it might be this voice changer

It can also be used for hands-free conversation, avian or otherwise.

By May 28, 2008


PS3 2.40 firmware details leaked

Details of the 2.40 firmware update for PlayStation 3 have surfaced.

By June 27, 2008


Beat Big Brother: Dodge CCTV, phone taps and spies

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not watching you. Surveillance is a boom industry in the UK, so here are some handy (and frankly bizarre) tips on how to avoid being spied on

By March 19, 2008


How to sound like three aliens

Voice changer based on cartoon characters

By May 7, 2007


Transformers laptop doesn't transform

It's a computer with a decal.

By July 9, 2007


Autobots, transform and roll out!

This Transformer merchandise is more than meets the eye.

By July 3, 2007


Autobots, transform and nerd out!

We get a preview of the upcoming deluge of Transformers movie toys.

By May 29, 2007


You too can talk like 'Optimus Prime'

Voice-changer helmet memorializes Transformer hero

By March 4, 2007


AOL's disturbing glimpse into users' lives

Release of three-month search histories of about 650,000 users provides rare glimpse into their private lives.

By August 7, 2006