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What are they drinking? Text message sent using...vodka

Using $100 worth of off-the-shelf electronics and sprays of alcohol, scientists sent the message 'O, Canada' a few meters across open space before it was decoded by a receiver.

By Dec. 20, 2013


Medea vodka: Straight up with something to say

On the rocks or neat, this vodka comes from a bottle that displays customized scrolling LED messages that are hard to ignore.

By Oct. 1, 2010


Power your iPod with vodka

Kit will chug down any alcohol for fuel, albeit diluted first with water, and then distill the cocktail into pure electricity.

By Aug. 22, 2008


Quadrantid meteor shower to set night skies ablaze

These meteors deliver more bright, long-lasting fireballs over northern skies during a short peak period than other showers. It's quite a show if you know when to watch.

By Jan. 2, 2014


New Arrested Development on Netflix in May, you choose order

New episodes of Arrested Development hit Netflix in May, with the Bluth family returning in a series that isn't a series. Come on!

By Jan. 10, 2013


Zynga sues 'Bang with Friends' sex app for trademark violation

The game maker claims that "Bang with Friends" sounds far too similar to "Words with Friends."

By Jul. 31, 2013


How to get drunk and yell at random members of Congress

A site called DrunkDialCongress lets you do the one (well, two) things you're dying to do most right now.

By Oct. 11, 2013


Zynga settles suit with hookup app Bang with Friends

The matchmaking app for friends-with-benefits says goodbye to the "With Friends" addendum of its moniker after being sued by Zynga for trademark violation.

By Sep. 30, 2013


Crave 19: Toddler bots and blinky booze (podcast)

While Jasmine's away, Donald and Eric fully nerd out with robots, robots, more robots, and a vodka that attracts women with colorful blinking lights.

By Oct. 5, 2010


How Virgin America lets you text a hottie midflight

A new service from Virgin America empowers you to use the in-flight entertainment system to send a drink to someone you find attractive and to text them, even. A recipe for disaster, surely.

By Apr. 25, 2013