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Microsoft hungry to eat VMware's lunch

Software maker tells CNET it's posting an open letter to VMware customers, aiming to get them to think twice before signing long-term deals with the virtualization leader.

By August 30, 2010


VMware on the cloud and virtualization (Q&A)

VMware cloud executive dishes on how the company thinks about private cloud, virtualization, and what problems customers need to solve.

By December 23, 2010


VMware shows strong results in 3rd quarter

Healthy demand for virtualization helps push VMware's revenue up 46 percent from a year ago and prompts the company to up its outlook.

By October 18, 2010


Report: VMware eyeing Novell's Suse

As Novell splits in two, VMware is seeking to snag its Suse operating system unit. If so, it would be much to the chagrin of Novell partner Microsoft.

By September 17, 2010


Meet Novell's new best friend: VMware

Now that the sales pop from the Novell-Microsoft partnership has played out, SUSE Linux growth has stagnated, and Novell has a new best friend.

By August 27, 2010


VMware ups outlook amid strong demand

Virtualization software maker turns out a solid second quarter and announces it's raising its earnings outlook for the year.

By July 20, 2010


VMware teams up with Novell on Suse Linux

VMware will standardize its virtual appliance-based products on Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Server to try to ward off a growing threat from Microsoft.

By June 12, 2010


VMware takes on Windows XP-to-7 move

The virtualization leader says its free software can ease the migration from Windows XP to 7. But, like a product from rival Parallels, the approach raises licensing issues.

By June 11, 2010


VMware rolls out Fusion 3.1 update for OS X

For those who virtualize Windows and other operating systems on OS X, VMware has updated its Fusion VM solution to version 3.1. This update is advertised as being 35 percent faster than version 3.0, and offers up to 5x faster 3D performance for games and features such as Windows 7's Aero environment.

By May 25, 2010


Zimbra buy to raise VMware's cloud ante

Virtualization specialist is building out its cloud-computing infrastructure strategy by buying Zimbra from Yahoo, making applications the new stakes for cloud competition.

By January 4, 2010