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Cloud.com software stack goes open source

VMops rebrands itself as Cloud.com and releases an open-source offering for home-grown cloud infrastructure.

By May 4, 2010


When will cloud computing start raining cash?

Cloud computing gets a lot of hype, but when will it start to generate a lot of cash? It may be sooner than you think.

By March 30, 2010


Which open-source vendors can afford the cloud?

Open source is the foundation of most cloud-computing efforts due to its cost and flexibility, but that cost benefit may nudge some traditional open-source vendors out of the market.

By February 2, 2010


Reports: Tech recovery driven by developing nations, cloud

Two analysts confirm that tech spending is on the rise, but there's still disagreement as to the extent and the geographic focus and product portfolio that will fuel it.

By January 13, 2010


2010 the year of cloud-computing...M&A

Cloud computing is becoming less about science projects and more about real-world deployments, which should lead to big vendors buying start-ups to round out their offerings.

By December 29, 2009


Eucalyptus open-sources the cloud (Q&A)

Eucalyptus started out in academics, but has a solid business plan for making its "infrastructure as a service" open-source platform the center of the cloud-computing universe.

By December 15, 2009


Novell's quarter crumbles, but a new market beckons

Company took a hit in the fourth quarter, but a new product suggests a way forward for the erstwhile software leader.

By December 8, 2009


Cloud to suck money out of market, report says

While the IT economy may be recovering, cloud computing and open source are driving fewer dollars into fewer vendor wallets. Expect a bloodbath to ensue.

By November 11, 2009


Google competes for the future; Microsoft, the past

Google is using open source and cloud computing to tackle the future of computing while Microsoft seems stymied by its legacy.

By October 23, 2009