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Bored by the Net neutrality debate? Check it as a rap battle

For Americans (and other Internet denizens) whose eyes glaze over when Net neutrality comes up, these Australian chaps have translated the debate into hip-hop for easier consumption.

By May 26, 2014


Nintendo lays claim to YouTube fan videos

Fan videos featuring Nintendo content on YouTube have been claimed by the gaming company for monetisation purposes.

By May 19, 2013


NYT's Pogue takes a lesson from CNET

As host of my own vlog, The Queue, I often wonder if fellow vloggers ever watch my show. I wonder if the The New York Times' David Pogue, on his way into work, takes out his iPhone and checks out The Queue, or Top 5.

By August 3, 2007


New and Noteworthy: MacFixIt Editor on Tech Night Owl; Beatles music one step closer to iTunes; more

Tech NIght Owl Live appearance; Why the Beatles may soon be coming to iTunes and more.

By April 12, 2007