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Vlingo brings natural voice command to your TV

Sharons Vaknin shows us how Vlingo Voice Assistant brings voice control to your TV using your smartphone.

By January 11, 2012


Vlingo adds a Virtual Assistant to your TV

Vlingo, the virtual assistant app for all major mobile platforms, today announced that it's making its way into televisions.

By January 10, 2012


Can't wait for Siri? Try Vlingo

Update Facebook, get maps, search the Web, and more with this impressive voice-powered app. It's free, and sending e-mails and texts is now free as well.

By October 6, 2011


Tap That App: Vlingo Voice with InCar

Vlingo Voice for Android has a unique feature called Vlingo InCar that enables you to send text messages, initiate calls, and begin navigation with little more than the sound of your voice.

By May 31, 2011


Drive safely with Vlingo InCar

Vlingo InCar for Android 2.2+ does your texting and dialing for you while you keep your eyes on the road. Just say, "Hey Vlingo!"

By May 24, 2011


Vlingo's SuperDialer aims to be an Android 411

Voice-command app Vlingo adds a new feature to its Android software, which lets you search for and call business listings with your voice.

By July 15, 2010


BlueAnt and Vlingo join forces with new smartphone app

BlueAnt and Vlingo have come together to launch a new smartphone app that will be integrated with the latest BlueAnt headsets and speakerphones.

By January 5, 2011


Vlingo InCar delivers hands-free texting

Vlingo InCar is a new feature for Android users that allows consumers to receive and send text messages without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.

By October 7, 2010


QNX puts apps and the Web in your dashboard

QNX's CAR 2 application platform already boasts the support of a variety of software and hardware companies, including TeleCommunication Systems, Texas Instruments, Vlingo, and Audi--which already uses QNX technology in its current infotainment systems.

By January 12, 2012


Freebie: Vlingo voice launcher for myTouch 3G Slide

Why is Vlingo giving away its $10 app for free? The company says it feels "sorry" for myTouch 3G Slide owners. Ouch.

By June 18, 2010