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Visualizing data as distance: Wikipedia's a long, long drive

The storage space in an iPhone 6S equals how many boxes of paper files? Stretch your brain with these vistas of data.

By April 12, 2016


Robots, Martians and bears: Which film will win the visual-effects Oscar?

CNET's Nic Healey runs the numbers Oscar nominees for best visual effects to see who's most likely to walk off stage clutching that small golden man.

By February 25, 2016


Visualizing the new UL hoverboard tests (pictures)

We got to visit Underwriters Laboratories and watch some of their new hoverboard safety tests.

9 Images By February 23, 2016


Supercut celebrates Oscar winners for jaw-dropping visual effects

Watch this video to see how far visual effects in movies have evolved, from the silent-film era to present day.

By February 22, 2016


How visual effects brought 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' characters to life

These video breakdowns from Industrial Light & Magic show how the magic of CGI was used to breathe life into characters like Maz Kanata.

By January 31, 2016


Startup Wayfindr gets $1M from Google to help the visually impaired get around

The British nonprofit wants to set a global standard for using audio descriptions to guide people with little or no vision. A trial run is under way on the London Underground.

By December 3, 2015


​Visual music: The graphic novel roots of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

For all its explosive energy, "Mad Max: Fury Road" found its genesis on the page as something quite different. The film's director George Miller tells how the road warrior journeyed from graphic novel to celluloid, and what lies beneath the bluster.

By October 8, 2015


Gett revamps ride-hailing app with help from visually-impaired teen

Blind users can now order an on-demand ride by speaking to their smartphone, rather than having to rely on touch technology.

By July 15, 2015


New Ford Sync improves nav, adds visual apps

Ford showed off the production version of Ford Sync 3, a completely rebuilt system with faster interface response times, easily searchable navigation and visual interfaces for third-party apps.

By June 22, 2015


'Space Wars': A visual guide to the battle for space supremacy

Discover everything you need to know about the private sector's race to space in just a few minutes with one colorful and informative infographic.

By December 11, 2014