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Rocket League's free mutator DLC out now, latest patch detailed

Here's everything that's being added, changed and tweaked in patch 1.08.

By November 9, 2015


VoomPC M10000 Car PC Barebone

Although the VoomPC M10000 Car PC Barebone kit is difficult to install, the end result is well worth it. The case design is unmatched, and the power supply works like a Swiss Watch.

By April 7, 2006

3 stars Editors' rating April 7, 2006

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Interview: Zero Punctuation's Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw reveals all

Zero Punctuation is a wonder, truly one of the greatest online video shows of the age. Its creator -- Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw -- sits down to take us behind the scenes of its creation

By November 4, 2009


Psystar planning Mac OS-based notebook

Mac clone maker Psystar has confirmed it is working on a notebook that will run Mac OS, although the timing of that release remains unclear.

By October 29, 2008


Shuttle's $199 Linux PC shipping next month

The cube-shaped Linux PC that generated a lot of buzz at CES will be on sale through NewEgg.com.

By March 17, 2008


Most in industry letting Gates go quietly

News that Microsoft's chair plans to step down from a day-to-day role caused barely a ripple in the tech world.

By June 15, 2006


A cheaper, bare-bones alternative to Move2Mac

A cheaper, bare-bones alternative to Move2Mac

By December 9, 2002


Dell sells barebones desktop

Dell Computer has released its streamlined OptiPlex GX50, a barebones desktop PC for corporations. The $747 base model comes with an Intel 800MHz Celeron processor, 128MB of SDRAM, a 10GB hard drive, a 48x CD-ROM drive and integrated networking, video and audio capabilities.

By June 4, 2001


New tools hatch for sniffing out Web bugs

A handful of companies are arming Web surfers with tools for finding so-called Web bugs--invisible code that can track people's Web travels and pilfer computer files.

By March 5, 2001