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What do FedEx, Visa, Amazon, France Telecom, and PG&E have in common? OSBC

OSBC is getting a serious contingency of IT executives this time around. You should join us.

By February 20, 2008


Newt Gingrich opens office in Silicon Valley

Former House speaker, whose name was synonymous with the Republican Revolution and opposition to Bill Clinton, will set up shop for his conservative advocacy group just down the street from Google.

By February 26, 2008


In '08 presidential race, who's the most tech-friendly?

If you're voting on Super Tuesday, you might want to check out our summary of the presidential candidates' positions on technology topics ranging from illegal wiretapping to Net neutrality.

By February 5, 2008


Mitt Romney talks tech

Who will you vote for? Mitt Romney's on technology make him look worthwhile...

By January 28, 2008


Customs agent took bribes to access Fed police databases

Former Customs Service agent and the Mexican drug trafficker who bribed him both go to prison for a scheme involving selling access to massive confidential police databases.

By January 16, 2008


New Hampshire voters: Net neutrality? Huh?

Despite our best efforts to unearth tech-inclined voters, Net neutrality doesn't ring a bell with most residents we interviewed in the Granite State.

By January 8, 2008


U.S. firms fear Europe will snatch up foreign tech workers

EU proposal to fast-track immigration process for highly skilled Asians, Africans and Latin Americans is fueling calls for additional green cards and H-1B visas at home.

By October 25, 2007


Allow more green cards for foreign techies, Congress told

Two groups at odds over raising the H-1B quota agree on this: the need for more permanent resident passes for foreigners who earn advanced science and tech degrees on U.S. turf.

By October 12, 2007


Governors throw support behind H-1B increase

Thirteen state chiefs, many from tech-heavy locales, tell Congress there's a "critical shortage" in math and science professionals.

By September 11, 2007