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Apple walloped with $625.6M in damages from FaceTime lawsuit

The tech giant was the target of a patent troll, a company that makes money by suing other companies.

By February 4, 2016


VirnetX expands patent suit against Apple

The security software company, which successfully sued Apple for $368 million in 2010, just got more legal ammo.

By August 6, 2013


Apple challenging $368M verdict with VirnetX

Apple says it's challenging a $368.2 million decision by a Texas court last November over security patents.

By April 26, 2013


VirnetX v. Apple judge upholds $368M patent suit verdict

But the devil is in the details as Apple is told to fork out $330,000 per day until the case is settled, forcing the two battling companies to sit down and talk.

By February 27, 2013


In your FaceTime: Apple gets sued by VirnetX -- again

How do you follow a $368 million judgment in your favor? If you're VirnetX, you go back to the patent litigation well, and this time you target the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

By November 9, 2012


Apple walloped with $368M in damages in VirnetX patent suit

The tech giant gets hit with a hefty judgment for allegedly infringing on VirnetX's network patents, which incorporate products like FaceTime.

By November 6, 2012


ITC to investigate VirnetX patent complaint against Apple

The International Trade Commission says it will look into whether iPhones, iPads, and Macs infringe on a security company's patent.

By October 16, 2012


Apple backtracks on planned VPN changes to iPhone, iPad

After a $368 million judgment against Apple in a lawsuit brought by VirnetX, the iPhone and iPad maker decided it will not change VPN behavior on already shipped iOS 6.1-powered devices.

By April 26, 2013


VirnetX gets thumbs-up in VPN patent review

The U.S. Patent Office certifies as valid two patents held by VirnetX that were at the center of a recent dispute with Microsoft.

By June 22, 2010


VirnetX files second lawsuit against Microsoft

Hot on the heels of one legal victory against Microsoft, VirnetX files a second lawsuit against the company, claiming patent violations in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

By March 19, 2010