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ViewSonic Pro8200 projector sunk by poor image quality

The ViewSonic Pro8200 might seem cheap and cheerful but sub-par picture quality against rivals makes it a poor value.

By March 31, 2014


ViewSonic VX2460H-LED gets contrasted with a purple background (pictures)

In this slideshow, the ViewSonic VX2460H-LED's unremarkable design joins a bunch of pretty things on a desk.

7 Images By April 17, 2013


Despite a wobbly stand, the Viewsonic VX2460H-LED succeeds thanks to its low price

The Viewsonic VX2460H-LED is a successful general purpose monitor with good performance and an incredibly wobbly stand.

By April 17, 2013


ViewSonic Pro8200

The ViewSonic Pro8200 may seem "cheap and cheerful," but its sub-par image quality against rivals makes it a worse value.

March 31, 2014

2 stars Editors' rating March 31, 2014

ViewSonic's ViewPhone 3 has a split personality

At CES 2012, CNET's Jessica Dolcourt takes a look at an unusual phone you'd be hard-pressed to see around these parts.

By February 6, 2012


ViewSonic's elusive ViewPhone 3 (photos)

You'll have to want the ViewPhone 3's two SIM card slots badly to find this phone. While it'll be primarily marketed in Latin America this spring, you can also buy it unlocked from ViewSonic's Web site.

4 Images By January 13, 2012


ViewSonic's Android tablets embrace the old and new (photos)

ViewSonic tablets use Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich to achieve the same goal: release a cheap Android tablet.

6 Images By January 10, 2012


ViewSonic's E70 tablet puts ICS only $170 away

ViewSonic's ViewPad E70 gets you Ice Cream Sandwich for $170, but makes some sacrifices to do so.

By January 10, 2012


Get a refurbished 22-inch touch screen monitor for $199.99

If you're looking to trick out your Windows 8 PC, a monitor like this can really help.

By January 8, 2014


ViewSonic VCD22 Android Smart Display is 22-inches of ICS

As expected, ViewSonic has unveiled a 22-inch Android touchscreen desktop running the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich.

By June 4, 2012