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Extreme home cinema: Most ludicrous AV setups ever

Think your 50-inch plasma and 7.1 surround-sound system are the badger's nadgers? No chance. Welcome to ten of the most awesome (and awful) home-cinema installations on the planet

By November 8, 2009


ITC One: Home entertainment heaven in one compact case

The first product of SE2 Labs, the $25,000 ITC One encases Xbox, Blu-ray, Wii, and more--in a 2-foot-tall console.

By June 20, 2008


THX to sell Optimizer calibration disc on Blu-ray

THX will sell a Blu-ray version of its Optimizer calibration and setup material

By May 14, 2008


$100,000 home theater projector can be yours for $99,995

Vidikron's announces that its top-of-the-line projector is now available.

By April 12, 2007


A 65-inch plasma for Marty Scorsese

$19,995 is two or three times the going rate

By February 16, 2007