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Adventure-cam maker GoPro plans IPO

The Silicon Valley company, which sells rugged cameras and lots of accessories to adventurous types, announces plans to go public.

By Feb. 7, 2014


Canon to offer dual-pixel autofocus upgrade for C100

Those using Canon's lower-end cinema camera can soon spend $500 for a sensor that improves autofocus performance. The dual-pixel technology debuted this year on Canon's 70D SLR.

By Nov. 5, 2013


GoPro upgrades sports camera line with Hero3+ models

BASE jumpers, snorkelers, and skate punks rejoice: The new models bring smaller size, better battery life, new video modes, and faster Wi-Fi.

By Oct. 1, 2013


Broadcom chip ushers in H.265 and UltraHD video

The H.265 video standard, aka HEVC or MPEG-5, squeezes more pixels over a network connection to support new high-resolution 4K TVs. Broadcom's chip supports both and is due to arrive in volume next year.

By Jan. 8, 2013


Canon 5D Mark III update to unlock high-end HDMI video

Videographers will get better color from Canon's high-end SLR with an update coming in 2013. Also: an autofocus improvement for supertelephoto fans.

By Oct. 23, 2012


Panasonic shows off 3D Lumix camera prototype

Hoping to get people to create their own 3D content as well as watch that of others, Panasonic is working on a compact 3D camera.

By Sep. 2, 2011


PluralEyes refocused for Final Cut Pro X's multicam

A widely used plug-in to sync video clips now dovetails with multicamera support in Apple's video editor--but Final Cut Pro X's multicam offers its own sync tool.

By Feb. 15, 2012


Google's new VP9 video technology reaches public view

The older VP8 hasn't taken the world by storm, but VP9 could give Google a fresh start in its attempt to popularize royalty-free video streaming.

By Dec. 28, 2012


HEVC video standard finished; high-end improvements coming

A standards group completes its work on a compression technology called HEVC, or H.265, which promises to improve resolution, image quality, and color. Google's VP9 is waiting in the wings.

By Jan. 28, 2013


Panasonic offers big and fast SD card--for $700

If you want high data transfer speeds (20 megabytes per second) in a 32-gigabyte SD flash memory card--an industry first, Panasonic asserts--prepare to pay up for it.

By Feb. 12, 2008