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Canon promises 120-megapixel camera -- and super-sharp video, too

Forthcoming SLR and videocamera models should capture much more detailed imagery. And the Japanese camera maker can now photograph and reprint the texture of subjects, not just the color.

By September 8, 2015


NEX-FS700 pushes down Sony's 4K videocamera prices

The high-resolution videocamera is twice the price of JVC's 4K camera, though a lot cheaper than Sony's high-end earlier FS65. Still, not all 4K video is created equal.

By April 2, 2012


GoPro rugged camera maker files for $100 million IPO

The portable videocamera company's filing shows it generated revenue of nearly $986 million in 2013.

By May 19, 2014


Short Take: Digital Vision ships video camera

Digital Vision has started shipping its new DCVC2 video camera for use with videoconferencing applications. The color videocamera features image stabilizing technology to aid video compression. The $199 camera can achieve 30 frames per second. The DCVC2 will be included in Digital Vision's InVideo vidoconferencing package for PC or Macintosh computers.

By May 22, 1997