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Zappos for bras: True & Co. to take on Victoria's Secret

New online retailer says it can offer women a perfect fit without needing measurements.

By May 30, 2012


Ep. 66: Put this on your head

Donald and Eric discuss the latest innovations in head-mounted technology, including animatronic cat heads. Also, the future has your organic honey needs taken care of, and Eric runs through Geek News highlights, including the 3D technology behind The Hobbit and a Victoria's Secret nod to comic book geeks.

By November 15, 2011


Loaded: Showing some skin

Google lets you customize your search results, the ClarionMiND launches about a year too late, and Victoria's Secret shows off some underthings on your mobile device.

By November 23, 2008


Victoria's Secret sells its stock on site

Customers of the intimate-apparel retailer can now buy stock in parent company Intimate Brands while they shop online for lingerie.

July 28, 1999


Marketer pushes targeted e-mail

Digital Impact says it has introduced new software for e-mail marketing, in a bid to compete more aggressively in the fast-growing industry. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company launched Impact, a hosted application that allows companies to send targeted e-mail to customers. Lingerie seller Victoria's Secret is the first customer of the product, which is priced at $10,000 and up for a monthly subscription. Victoria's Secret is using the software to send 4.5 million messages to customers who have agreed to receive e-mail communications. The Impact software provides marketing analytics, e-mail campaign management and reporting features. Digital Impact, a publicly traded company, was founded in October 1997 and employs about 300 people.

By February 12, 2002


Victoria's Secret code

We get all kinds around here--all kinds of rumors, that is. Some tend to get personal, and none more so than this anonymous note regarding my personal secretary: "Hey DuBaud--Why don't you wake up and smell the turnover? Rumor has it that Trixie Pixel was seen on the arm of a scout for a hot online lingerie emporium. Maybe it's time to give your secretarial staff an extra month's salary, before all your talent gets raided!"

December 11, 1998


Victoria's Secret site up and running

The lingerie company's Web site is operational after several frustrating delays.

December 4, 1998


Dressing down Ziff-Davis

No, it's not another column about Victoria's Secret --you should be so lucky.

March 5, 1999


Net video not yet ready for prime time

Despite advances in streaming media technology, problems during the Victoria's Secret Webcast show the Internet isn't ready to handle live mass market video.

By February 5, 1999


Fashion show outdoes Clinton testimony

A Victoria's Secret event proves more popular than the president, as visitors swamp the site to see its lingerie-clad stars live.

By February 4, 1999