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Almost no one is using Android Marshmallow, still

Four months after its launch, the latest version of Google's mobile software is only on 1.2 percent of Android devices. That's actually a big jump from last month.

By February 3, 2016


OpenCL adapts for control-freak programming

Version 1.2 of the interface standard for letting general programs use graphics chip power lets programmers govern the resources available to a task.

By November 15, 2011


Nikon reveals svelte mirrorless ILCs

Nikon's long-awaited mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras debut as the Nikon 1 series.

By September 20, 2011


Nook Color major software update now available

With version 1.2 of its Nook Color software, Barnes & Noble turns the e-reader into a more fully functional Android tablet and marks a subtle but important shift in its marketing strategy.

By April 25, 2011


Apple updates iBooks, adds AirPrint, Collections

Apple has updated its popular digital-book reader iOS app, iBooks, now version 1.2, to include support for AirPrint, PDF and notes printing, Collections, and new fully illustrated children's books and art books available for download in the iBookstore.

By December 15, 2010


The Incident 1.2: Now with Endless Nightfall, Game Center, and Controller Mode

One of my favorite iPhone games, The Incident, has just been updated to version 1.2--a major update that includes an Endless Nightfall scenario, Game Center compatibility with achievements and a leaderboard, and a new Controller Mode that allows you to control the iPad version of The Incident with your iPhone.

By October 22, 2010


Meet the new entry-level Lambo

With only 20 in production and a $1.2 million price point, the Lamborghini Reventon is a little hard to come by. But if you're not among the privileged few who will get to drive, much less own, the 650-horsepower exotic, Lamborghini created an radio-controlled version of the Reventon to give the masses a taste of the action.

By August 27, 2010


Barnes & Noble rolls out second Nook update

As promised, Barnes & Noble is again upgrading the software for its Nook e-book reader. Version 1.2 is considered a major upgrade.

By February 5, 2010


Apple releases MacBook Air SMC Firmware update v1.2

Apple has released an update for the Macbook Air which updates the System Management Controller firmware to version 1.2. This update adds compatibility for the latest service-replacement batteries available for these systems.

By June 29, 2009


Utilities Updates: FileSalvage Version 5.1; PodSalvage 5.1; Tidy Up! 1.2.0; Maintidget 1.2; more

Utilities Updates: FileSalvage Version 5.1; PodSalvage 5.1; Tidy Up! 1.2.0; Maintidget 1.2; more

By November 9, 2006