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We'll find aliens in 20 years (we just need money), astronomers say

Speaking to Congress, two astronomers from SETI describe the chances of finding aliens as almost 100 percent.

By May 23, 2014


Museum of Science Fiction might be coming to DC

Trekkies and wanna-be Mars colonists might soon have a permanent brick-and-mortar site for sharing their love of all things science fiction.

By November 5, 2013


If Earth had rings like Saturn, the sky would look like this

Space and science fiction illustrator Ron Miller has created magnificent images of how Earth's skies would appear if our planet had giant rings.

By May 22, 2013


Steampunk show imagines Jules Verne gadgets

What if Captain Nemo had a cell phone and PC? A group of artists reimagines the world of Jules Verne in the information age.

By March 22, 2011


Jules Verne, steampunk style (photos)

What if Jules Verne were alive in the age of cell phones? A Massachusetts exhibit puts a steampunk spin on the submariner in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."

10 Images By March 22, 2011


Jules Verne Google logo utilizes iOS accelerometer

If you've got an iOS device, head on over to Google's home page today and check out the Jules Verne-inspired logo.

By February 8, 2011


Intel futurist discusses data's secret life, 'ghost of computing'

Science fiction serves as a inspiration for the man whose job it is envisage Intel's future and, to a large degree, the future of computing itself.

By May 8, 2012


As steampunk Nerf guns go, the Goliathon is, well, awesome

One glimpse of this copper-and-brass hand cannon will send your dastardly foes running for the dens of villainy from whence they sprung.

By May 1, 2012


Alien spaceship awaits to save hippies from apocalypse

A so-called upside-down mountain in France has become the focal point for New Age types who believe it contains an alien spaceship that will save them when the world ends.

By March 25, 2012


Killer Whale Submarine a killer personal submersible

Submarines are awesome. A submarine shaped like a Killer Whale is off-the-charts awesome. It can be yours for a cool $100,000.

By March 8, 2012