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Cisco taps Verdiem to manage power for PCs, network gear

Cisco moves deeper into energy efficiency through deal with Verdiem to combine power management for PCs and other networked gear in Cisco's EnergyWise application.

By April 27, 2010


Verdiem dashboard displays PC power savings

Software company Verdiem adds a Sustainability Dashboard to better visualize energy savings and carbon reductions from automated PC power management.

By June 7, 2009


Verdiem's Edison helps you get green

A free download, Edison is available to consumers to help with their PC power management at home.

By August 6, 2008


Verdiem: Nyquil for energy-hog PCs

Surveyor application puts company PCs in low-power mode on a schedule, which can save 60 percent on energy costs and 40 percent on carbon emissions.

By May 13, 2008


The skinny on power management in Windows 7

Microsoft has gotten religion on energy efficiency and Windows by enhancing the default power management features for end users and IT pros, company executives say.

By June 12, 2009


Hara: Software for a carbon-constrained economy

Backed by Kleiner Perkins, start-up Hara is fielding software to help businesses track use of energy and other resources. Will it take hold without national carbon regulations?

By May 31, 2009


Cisco to manage energy of tech gear and buildings

EnergyWise software for its networking gear will manage energy levels of phones and other tech equipment. Company also plans to get into building-automation systems.

By January 27, 2009


Edison: Free energy-saving PC software

The software, from corporate power management software company Verdiem, cuts down on energy use significantly by scheduling when a computer goes into suspend mode.

By August 6, 2008


Companies to watch: Electric power producers and efficiency

Utilities are at the forefront of energy efficiency and smart-grid technology deployment--and when it comes to plug-in hybrids, the grid had better be modernized.

By April 21, 2008


Closing the tech-waste loop

The first sustainable business summit at UT Austin highlights a number of issues about reducing wasted energy and resources with tech products.

By January 30, 2008