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By May 9, 2008


Stealing without taking

If your data is stolen, how do you really know that is was? CNET's Robert Vamosi speaks with Verdasys CTO Dan Geer about data theft.

By January 4, 2008


IBM's security offensive

Big Blue is jumping into the security pool as more companies are looking to protect their business processes and enterprise security expertise remains scarce.

By November 5, 2007


Massachusetts assaults monoculture

Verdasys chief scientist Daniel Geer says Massachusetts' decision to go with OpenDocument Format comes not a moment too soon.

November 29, 2005


Year in review: Outsourcing and its discontents

As the U.S. tech industry took advantage of the lower costs of sending work to other nations, new worries emerged about data privacy.

December 26, 2005


Nips and tucks for open source

The license covering Linux faces revisions, the Firefox browser gets a makeover, and Gollum points the way to Wikipedia.

By November 30, 2005


So much for secure storage

Jon Oltsik says an industrywide blind spot with an initiative called information lifecycle management could wind up costing storage makers big time--even though everyone knows the right thing to do.

By March 31, 2004


Computer virus experts may learn from disease

A computer scientist tells the security industry to look to other fields of study for lessons on how to prevent computer epidemics.

By January 29, 2004


Seeds of destruction

Agriculture epidemics, like the Irish Potato Famine, may hold clues that can help computer-security experts fight Internet viruses.

January 15, 2004